g.i.l.建築研究所/小西 恵のホームページ


The street with a small stream along is facing the site 2 meters below the ground level. The land used to slope down to the stream, but when the road was built, the wall was constructed and the land was split. One of the project's aims was to recreate the former landscape. To do so, a new concrete wall was constructed to lower the ground level, and the floor of the ground level of the house was designed to reflect the landscape. This design enabled the residents to enjoy the greenery along the stream from inside the house. Consequently, the house is provided with differing floor levels and ceiling heights which give interesting and rich impression.    

about g.i.l.
house on Kitaharadai
Saitama,Japan  2008
structure 木造+RC 2F
program 住宅
private house
size 111.07F
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